Hedim - A Playback Theatre group in Benyamina, Israel

Hedim is a playback theatre group established in 2003 in Benyamina.
Directed by Shlomi Vardinon, Hedim works in Benyamina and
performs around the country.

Hedim means ‘echoes’ in Hebrew.

What is Playback theatre?

Playback theatre is improvisational theater that uses personal sentences, conflicts and stories from the audience to create drama on the stage. Playback was created by Jonathan Fox in 1975, and there are now Playback companies around the world and a few in Israel. In addition to being performed as artistic theater, Playback is used in educational, community and clinical settings.

How is Playback performed by Hedim?
The performance begins when the actors listen to an audience participant's story and then ‘play back’ or Echo what they hear as well as the subtext they understand. The enactment may be realistic or symbolic. The director of the group helps to structure the material for the actors by asking questions and interviewing the storyteller. In Hedim, one of the actors will choose to be a musician for a particular scene and accompany the performance. The actors usually use drama, mime, dance, movement and sound. In Hedim, the actors use fabric to create costumes, sets and symbolism.

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